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Best Galicia Casinos

Best Galicia Casinos

Summary: Gorgeous Galicia, which lies in North West Spain, is among this vibrant country’s most unusual, loveliest and greenest regions to be seen. It boasts one of Spain’s least spoilt and longest coastlines, and offers one of the most excellent seafood cuisines in Europe. Furthermore, it is also the home of some of the best casinos.

Best Galicia casinos play an imperative role in this relatively less known part of Spain’s Iberian Peninsula. It attracts international high rollers; water sports aficionados, culture and history buffs, as well as Spanish holidaymakers. In facts, anyone anxious to escape the sweltering heat of Eastern and Southern Spanish summers. These casinos act as great relief and cater all tastes.

For cyclists and walkers, emerging from diverse corners of the world, Santiago de Compostela, Galician capital, forms an ideal destination when embarking upon the eminent Santiago Way: a path trodden for over a thousand years by innumerable pilgrims. When it comes to relaxation, most of these happily turn to best Galicia casinos for entertainment and fun.

The famous Hotel Atlantico and Del Atlantico casino is a land based structure, open to public from 7pm to 5am. It has 60 slots, including: 6 for American Roulette, 4 for French Roulette, 8 for Blackjack, as well as one each for Punto Banco and Baccarat, among some others. Additional features also include services such as a business center, bicycle rentals, two bars, child/baby care, babysitting, etc.

Currency in common use at these best Galicia casinos is Euro, with an array of convenient currency exchange counters, located at several ideal points. There is an applicable entrance fee for gaming visitors, with minimum age restrictions limiting entry to 18 years, in appropriate dressing.

Other features of the best Galicia casinos also include:

  • An ID or Passport requirements
  • The Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, German, French
  • A Coruna, a Close Vicinity Airport (8 km distance)
  • Meeting Facility
  • Nightclubs
  • Dining Restaurants and Cafes
  • Health/Fitness Club
  • Massage
  • Jogging Trails and Track

A second best Galicia casinos, known as the famous La Toja casino, forms a part of the Gran Hotel. It admeasures 15,372 sq feet of covered space, is open to public from 6pm to 3am on weekdays and from 6pm to 4am on the weekends and holidays. It has 49 slots, including: 4 for American Roulette, 7 for French Roulette, 6 for Blackjack, in addition to one for Punto Banco and two for Baccarat, among some others. Additional facilities also include Bicycle Rentals, Currency Exchange, as well as space for Meetings and Conventions. Major credit cards: Visa, Master Card, Euro Card, Diner Club, and American Express, are also acceptable at best Galicia casinos.

And if you wanna try to get the best from these experience don’t forget to read guides like the famous “Beat the Dealer“, for Blackjack or the website RouletteBotPlus, with a nice guide that explain (how to) beat the roulette

A considerable benefit of best Galicia casinos is that you can remit your winnings to any part of the world, by simply filling some forms, paying taxes, and doing a few other minor things. This will save you a lot of money and stress. As non-resident however your winnings will be tax free in Spain. You can exchange Euro into your home currency and remit without restrictions.


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