Discover Galicia


Well, the people visiting Galicia to see its beauty and attraction should learn about the important cities and places present in this area. The Galicia is one of the most attractive and beautiful places in Spain. The area is rich in beauty and atmosphere that is suited to the foreigners and local tourists. The expenses and costs of travelling, accommodation and enjoyment in this area are comparatively lower than other tourist’s attractions. That’s why thousands of tourists come there every week. Among the important cities of Galicia the Santiago is most popular. It is the capital city of the Galicia that’s why it is popular among the national and international tourists.

The Santiago is beautiful and attractive because there are ports and recreational places that attract the tourists. Because of its primitive long history most of the tourists want to visit this city. This city is 30 km from the main coast of the Spain so the tourist can reach there within 1 one depending on the transportation facility they have.

La-Coruna is another important city that comes after the Santiago. It is also popular and famous because of natural beauty but the main reason for its popularity is the un-commercial zone. The area is only for the enjoyment and entertainment. The people who love to see and enjoy natural beauty should visit this city because contains everything required by naturalists.

Lugo and Pontevedra are two main cities of Galicia that are little bit expensive than Santiago and La-Coruna. These cities are ignored by the foreigners because of huge expenses and commercialism. Among other important cities of Galicia the Ourense, Vigo, Tui and Ferrol are most important. Don’t miss the chance to visit all these important cities when visiting Spain for tourism because these cities contain lots of fun and enjoyment for the tourists.


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