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Events in Italy

If you are planning vacations in Italy, make sure you attend a few of the cultural festivals and events in Italy that are held in large numbers throughout the year. Besides stunning architecture and breathtaking natural beauty, Italy has much more to offer to the tourists interested in its art and culture. These cultural events can be a great help in enjoying and learning more about the Italian culture that preserves its regional attractions even today.

Jazz festival Umbria

One of the most impressive jazz festivals of the world, this festival is held in the month of July every year in Perugia in Italy since 1973. Umbria jazz is famous all over the world and artists of repute have taken part in it since its inception. Interestingly, this jazz festival takes place in winters too in the months of December and January in Orveito. Do not miss on this festival if you are a jazz lover.

Chocolate festival

For the lovers of chocolates, attending this festival called Eurochocolate festival that is held in the month of October in Italy is a dream come true. It is a 10 day event that consists of many contests and competitions with the underlying theme of chocolate. There are salons and spas giving massages with chocolate during this time. You could get a chance to eat some really exotic dishes made with chocolate during this festival. If you love eating chocolates, this is the time for you to be in Italy.

Festa del Redentore

This is a festival that is celebrated in Italy to celebrate the end of a plague that caused lots of deaths and devastation in the 16th century. Held during 2nd week of July, this festival is marked by fireworks display. There is also a boat race held to celebrate the event.

Scoppio del Carro

This is a celebration that is observed on the streets of the city of Florence on Easter Sunday every year. Pyrotechnics and fireworks are used to create a spell on the people. A cart that is hauled by white oxen is decorated with flowers and people dressed in 15th century costumes sit upon this 30 foot cart. The cart is loaded with fireworks that are lit all through the journey that takes place from Porta al Prato to Piazza del Duomo. The event is celebrated as it is believed to bring good luck and charm to the business and harvest.

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